NBC Sports integrating into Peacock is not innovation, it is desperation.

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If you desire using and investing in smart media that integrates sports better than any available offering, it would have to be fuboTV, NYSE: FUBO.

As you cannot discuss streaming services without the issue of quality access to the Internet, to power fuboTV’s streaming capabilities, I would only recommend TimeWarner infrastructure or Verizon FIOS.

Here’s why.

My Rant on NBC Sports

A preferred experience that is NBC Sports is full of nauseating missed opportunities. After frustratingly searching online for an extended period after not finding skiing on the NBC Sports platform, I realized that NBC Sports will be integrated with Peacock. And?

NBC Sports Failed

Instead of further developing their offerings, NBC Sports merely stalled out, backtracked, then slid-off onto another, less promising platform. As a hopeful, NBC Sports fan, I am still in disbelief.

Peacock… does not really know how to Peacock

I trialed Peacock, and I was not impressed. In my opinion, the platform is not ready. At first, second, and third glances, the new platform offers nothing attractive visually, new or exciting, just new obstacles for NBC to iron out, which they seemingly rarely ever do.

In short, my opinion of Peacock’s impression is lesser the first generation of Hulu… for those that remember those glorious days.

NBC Sports’ not so Premium, Premium Packages

NBC Sports’ premium offerings are not really premium. I went Gold on NBC Sports’ Tour de France delivery for 2020. The experience did not meet the expectation, and it merely came off as a utilitarian solution — not an exciting nor premium experience worthy of a repeat. I expect a lesser experience on Peacock. That does not bode well.

2020 Kentucky Derby is the sign of the times at NBC Sports

NBC Sports has disappointingly lost my attention and threw away their foreseeable future especially after their horrid coverage of the 2020 Kentucky Derby. More on that later.

NBC Sports’ parent only wins on falling short

Bottom-line, NBC Sports is just another fragmented property in the portfolio of the we try really hard, but never really deliver, Comcast. And if it’s not us, it must be you. Anyone that has varied experience with top-tier providers, with Comcast included along the way… would likely, Agree.

Comcast’s success is in-part that they over-promise, under-deliver, and spend more money explaining and promising more than they do ever actually deliver on. I would Argue from my experiences that Comcast is in some form, the most professional, legally compliant scammer that you would not mind doing business with knowing the risks. I have never really known another experience likewise… other than attempting to service my Porsche Carrera at a Porsche Cars North America Service Center, ironic.

My expertise on Comcast

I have expertise on the matter. It is a vicious cycle if you choose to play with Comcast properties. I would know personally after experiencing their ecosystem in many locations since 2004, first realizing how bad their Internet was in comparison to my TimeWarner offerings in 2005 in Georgia.

We believed it is just Georgia. Okay, Florida relocation, also bad. For seven years, it never improved, and we merely gave up attempting to make it any better. We lived with it, and we did not expect anything more from it than what we perceived as the basics.

Verizon’s once one-trick pony is a persistent threat to Comcast

We were then with Verizon FIOS in Pennsylvania… and after a period of time, it suddenly became not very good, so we switched to Comcast as it was the only alternative, and then we relatively, quickly switched back to Verizon FIOS.

Why? Although, we had a decent stream with Comcast to view the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi while residing in another location, Utah… you know, the time was the infancy of streaming major broadcasts… Pennsylvania proved to be a disaster when we attempted streaming the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang with Comcast. We then subsequently and joyously returned to Verizon FIOS, and hopefully, the end of my relationship with Comcast for good.

Comcast at least… distinctly wins over CenturyLink

After surviving with the worst Internet with the absolute worst service provider I have ever experienced in any category, CenturyLink… our 1GB per Second Internet was supplemented by our iPhone’s hotspots running on Sprint and a VPN service… which was faster than our reported 40 MB per second result with CenturyLink, which by the way… would not load low resolution YouTube videos without stalling. After countless, bizarre experiences which were scary, for both in-person and phone service, all I can say is after relocating…

I am very thankful to be on TimeWarner infrastructure for the first time again in 17 years. And it is wonderful.

fuboTV on TimeWarner Internet is what it is all-about; it is the fantasy that competitors advertise and never deliver on, either in the hardware or software department, or both. My over two decades of experience in more cities and states that I can count, prove it to be so.

fuboTV, The Champion of Innovation Since 2015

I first used fuboTV’s platform in 2015 as it was new, and yet the best platform at the time. I remember it being an odd experience, and I distinctly remember questioning if this was too good to be true or some kind of scam.

This was also the first attempt for myself to locate cable television and sports offerings without a traditional cable subscription entailing a two-year Agreement. A short time before streaming services and cord-cutting mentalities hit the average household.

Although, I had recommended the service for many years and did not require it, I recently trialed fuboTV on a whim. I was most impressed.

NBC Sports would at least be pleased to know that FOX Sports sucks more than they do

I had been led back to this trial with fuboTV… because somehow, fuboTV could stream a FOX Sports presentation much better than what FOX’s own streaming applications could manage on four of my high-end devices. Sad.

I was reminded of this yet again just a few days ago. Although, I was tempted to purchase a subscription with fuboTV, I instead turned off the game and deleted their applications for good.

Missed Opportunities

If I had known fuboTV had IPO’d last year, I would have been in.

Orange Thorn

The established sports media and fantasy hierarchy which became bloated over the previous decade will now have a sharp, orange thorn in their side with fuboTV’s recent acquisition within the money-throwing side of the sport.

Sports league derived fantasy offerings and the third-party offerings from the aggressive market-eater, DraftKings will face another challenger. With their record of acquisitions, we may all be watching DraftKingsTV instead of merely fuboTV at the end of the decade. Hopefully, not.

Previously, Yahoo! Fantasy Sports offerings had become my preferred go-to for my previous dips into the activity with family and friends after DraftKings seemingly smashed the market overnight. Thus, personally, I am evaluating this new frontier as a decisive battle between DraftKings, fuboTV, and Yahoo!

Orange Iceberg

For Disney’s new man at the top, fuboTV will serve as another tricky iceberg for the behemoth, unsinkable corporation to navigate safely around considering their ESPN and Hulu liabilities.

With the waters of the streaming market feeling a little rocky, I expect that the diluted streaming media market will begin consolidating with fuboTV’s leading example.

In the instance of fuboTV, the tortoise, I have had my money on fuboTV since the beginning, and certainly in the case of winning the race over the well-funded, quick-footed hares. fuboTV does not need to slow down, speed up, or take shortcuts to continue navigating onto their success.

fuboTV’s Escapism is Authentic

fuboTV is smart. fuboTV does not look or feel like a corporation. And unlike a corporation, fuboTV does not waste any time for the user to endure.

fuboTV certainly does not sound like a corporation either as these days as most recognizable corporations are vomiting politics out of every “product” and “service” they are “offering”.

Personally, I am not interested in products that do not serve my economical output, and certainly not services which constitute self-promotions which are far from being offered, they are force-fed.

fuboTV remains neutral in a media landscape dominated by corporate imaging and politicalized content.

Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and so-on, bombard their users with curated political content and narratives. It is tiresome. ESPN and NBC Sports takes it further, integrating popularized political narratives throughout their sports broadcasts. For example, the most notable being the Kentucky Derby 2020, which should have been titled NBC Sports’ Political Derby, and yet I would have been equally dismissive of their low-quality broadcast of my horse winning the derby.

fuboTV is an escape pod from corporatized stupid. fuboTV is, therefore, a method for escapism for discerning individuals. Is that not what television, entertainment, and sports is about?

Thank you fuboTV, thank you TimeWarner

Three words, Thank you, fuboTV. And thank you, TimeWarner infrastructure for allowing me to enjoy fuboTV without any issues.



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