Three Points on Ferrari

How it all became

Sure, I admired a Hot Wheels machine stamped with the likeness of a Ferrari as a child and this and every shape similar to it became an instant favorite — but one moment changed it all.

The Lamley Group

Another childhood expression from memory was a miniature Ferrari replica capable of being driven by children at F.A.O. Schwarz in New York City on Central Park. Maybe it was the snowy holiday spirit of Christmas in New York, or maybe it was just the sheer awe of exploring F.A.O. Schwarz for the first time.


Regardless, a bolt of lightning hit me in that December; and I dreamed about that little red Ferrari for years. This dream expanded to school-yard fantasies of a black Lamborghini Countach of a similar spec.

What I had in reality was a Barbie Corvette that permitted me to play as the neighborhood country club’s tennis coach for a day here and then.


I still think of that dream of walking through F.A.O. Schwarz from time to time, occasionally searching for that red Ferrari across the Internet until I am disappointed to realize that I am in-fact, a fully grown adult. Ah, well it just happened again, and I am writing about it to prove it.

I experienced similar instances such as that of a Honda mini dirt bike which fed an obsession with dirt bikes for at least a decade straight… but the Ferrari has outlived it all.

What actually happened

To keep this article relatively short — I have a habit of selfishly expressing themes on Medium for my own amusement; fast forward through a someone failed journey to Formula 1, I found myself as an owner of a Porsche Carrera.

I trialed a couple of other Carreras as rental machines courtesy of Hertz travels too since that event. And of course, I took my Carrera, not once, but twice to two long private circuit days worthy of an advanced driver. It took some time being patient waiting for a circuit day like that which had few rules and permitted my first ever passenger on an open lapping day. It was a wonderful time.

The dream had been realized, my humble supercar compromise had been fulfilled. It was also my first step toward a Ferrari, as of course — you have to start somewhere for your first automobile to be signed within your name.

Well, maybe this is not the one, mother, father

Then the nightmares; I left out the horrid nightmares of attempting to find competent caretakers. Just months after taking delivery of my Carrera… I decided to reserve an early service for a Major at my local Porsche Service Center. Everything was fine, working extremely well.

Not the first one. Yikes. A Major Service turned into a mere oil change… yet my vehicle was at the Service Center for two and a half weeks. When I queried as to why this was so — the Service Advisor claimed that I was incorrect to bring the vehicle in as it would require an additional 10,000 miles prior to a Major Service… Well — the recommended was 30,0000 miles… not 40,000 miles. A few weeks later, the damn thing would not start. Okay, I asked for a major again fearing the spark plugs certainly needed changing. And — So on, yikes, I already need a therapist reguritating this.

Now, three… Maybe, Four. Five, Six, Nine… Yikes. This is just how it is.

Porsche Cars North America is not competent it might seem. This was after four years of ownership; over six licensed Service Centers in three states. Something was certainly wrong. I am sparing the details of these ordeals as what they were, nightmarish ordeals of the highest levels.

My relative had a Turbo, purchased around the same time as mine and also experienced similar woes of misery in another state.

We both kind of became disenchanted with the whole thing. The Porsche thing, I suppose. I began to re-frame my whole viewpoint of the automobile industry. It was not very pleasant as of late. As a driver, a design enthusiast, I already had a largely unpopular reference point among most “car guys”. My refuge was largely Porsche; a marque which hailed from motorsport heritage, a true sportscar, one for the everyday man that was discerning. No. It just was not so.

And this realization that the automotive industry is a large suck-fest of many ignorants providing back rubs to one another, brought me to Ferrari, yet again. Sure, I had cheered for the Scuderia in Formula 1. I am a lifetime Formula 1 fan. Once you mature, you understand it. Then you really get it, then you go all-in.

The world just is not the same

And so, I thought about this new realization. And I have been thinking about similar realizations in other aspects of my life. Maybe I am just getting old. Maybe I am just too big for even the big, “adult” cars as well. Whatever it is, I got to thinking and regardless of whatever I experience I may have with my future Ferrari, vintage or new or merely preowned, I knew it would be something worth having.

Thus, I ordered my Ferrari gear, and I put my nose in Ferrari magazines, and I listened to Ferrari enthusiasts, and when I watch Formula 1, I only see Scuderia Ferrari. If I want to watch rich amateurs and rich gentlemen spend money crashing their racecars, I was going to watch rich amateurs and gentlemen crash their Ferrari racecars.

I already had a head-start, I learned by happenstance then by proven experience and now by practiced dedication to purchase Italian, especially if you were to enjoy the experience. This was largely attributed to my racing equipment I purchased previously… then my winning racing kart… then my bicycle’s components. Italian just makes sense to whatever is floating around in my DNA.

Thus, here are my three points as to why owning a Ferrari is a little bit more worth it for me — shhh, do not get me wrong, I am planning to own my Carrera for many a few more years, if not forever — and maybe I will always possess a Carrera within the garage because rear-engine is rear-engine… but a Ferrari for me is what I require to thrive.

1. Ferrari is the only machine that I would consider racing these days, as it is the only machine I would wish to be caught dead in.

Think about this, I would not put my body at-risk in an Aston Martin, I mean Mercedes — or whatever other marque that is about to go belly-up into oblivion or which has been halfway built back up into something from a distant existence of glory. Racing seats are rare anyhow, so ones worth it — even more distinct. But a Ferrari — Well, you just contributed to Ferrari.

2. Atheists, dismissive of science’s foundation in religion are negligent of the fact that Ferrari exists.

Art, Design, Religion, and Science — Ferrari states the obvious, does it not?

3. In a world created by Ferrari, ownership is stewardship and driving is dreaming.

I can believe it. Every marque looks toward Ferrari, whether they are producing sneakers or misting perfume; Ferrari is on everyone’s mind. To keep it Ferrari is quite the responsibility.



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